EL-KA = HaJo Liese + Till Kopper

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Concert @ Happy Keys in Tübingen 2019

Track for the anual Schallwende CD 2014

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Second CD: Live @ E-Day 2007

live@e-day2007 cover

Our recorded E-Day concert of the 28th of April 2007 (see below) in Eindhoven/The Netherlands was released January 2008 on [www.syngate.biz] (search for EL-KA there).
Again 100% live. No backing track used live, no overdoubts later. Straight recording onto two tracks.

First CD: Galactic Sequences

Galactic Sequences

The CD with our 100% live recording from the Bochum/Germany Planetarium has been released now: [www.syngate.biz] (search for EL-KA there).
  1. Yetis Dream - 11:37
  2. Galactic Sequences - 18:58
  3. Frozen Water Canyon - 5:10
  4. Master of the Universe - 13:03
  5. Relaxing Under Revolving Stars (Bonus Track) - 5:51
The bonus track (#5) was recorded straight to a stereo track. Just like live playing conditions. It was the final rehearsal.

The CD is available at [Syngate.net] and [Groove.nl]

Schallwende e.V. Nominations 2006

EL-KA 3rd place at the EM-Nominations 2006

Many thanks to all voters that gave their votes to the nomination as best EM-musicians 2006 in Germany. The event took place on the 3rd of February 2007 in Essen/Germany.

See the whole nominations list at www.schallwen.de (German only)

Live Jam @ Gasometer feat. René van der Wouden

EL-KA feat. Rene van der Wouden
© Michael Kathke 2006

On the last saturday of October 2006 we played a two part live jam with René van der Wouden from Gouda/The Netherlands inside the huge old gas stroing tower (300 feets high). We had a good time of improvised playing like TD did in 1976.

EL-KA feat. Rene van der Wouden, top view from about 85 meters
© Michael Kathke 2006

Set 1 29:41   [27,2 MB Download]
Set 2 39:41   [36,4 MB Download]

If you like the music, you may print this cover Michael Kathke designed.

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